A colleciton of 5000 unique Mighty Pirates sailing the Solana seas searching for $BOOZE.
Each pirate is a one of a kind piece of art.

Welcome aboard the ship! Us pirates love to sail the Solana seas and drink $BOOZE 🍻

The Mighty Pirates aim to bring one of a kind art, community, and utility to the Solana Blockchain. Our main focus is to build an incredibly strong community, and to provide users utility in their NFT and token.

Along our mighty sail across the seas, we will encounter the Lady Pirates. Holders will able to breed their male pirates with lady pirates, and be rewarded with a baby pirate. You'll need $BOOZE for the breeding process. We will also create a raffle site that will only accept $BOOZE as the entry ticket, burning all the tokens entered.

We are experienced NFT founders and have learned a lot from our previous ventures. Everything we've learned will be utilized here to ensure us pirates find a lot of booze on our sails. ⚓


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